20 Under 20

by licalvin


This is the newspaper tower we designed and engineered.

The base of the newspaper tower consists of various elements. We began by taking 7 rolls of newspaper and tying them together with a newspaper around it. Then we skewed all of them in a rotating fashion to make a circular base. In that base, we began inserting our tower. As our tower begins to grow upwards, we noticed that it started to grow more unstable. To counter this, we added thick newspaper siding to support and counteract the leaning nature, which is what they do to help stabilize the leaning tower of Pisa. We then continued to grow this newspaper tower, only to find that, after a certain point, the newspaper rolls began sliding downwards. We solved that issue by stuffing the center of the tower with scrunched up balls of newspaper that prevented the additional rolls from sliding down. We then reinforced the bottom of the tower by tying in some of the more stable base elements by wrapping them together with newspapers.

While this design doesn’t scale, unlike some of our other colleagues, it did manage to become the tallest structure without collapsing. Overall, I would regard this structure as a success!

-Calvin Li 


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