New Paper Tower_Lance Shape by Evan, Sam, Nicole & Lee

by dodori0909


I. Name of Tower:   Lance Shape Tower

II. Building Materials:   Newspaper – less than 20 Sheets

III. Create the components

A. Base Sheets: 9 (3 per layer)
         The base is composed of stacks of two parts: a circular, accordion-like column and a flat platform to lie on top of the column. Make 3 of each part.

  1. Column (2 sheets)
    a. Fold one sheet in half along the length
    b. Make an approximately 1” fold along the width
    c. Continue making 1” folds, alternating the direction of the fold each time, until the entire sheet has been folded. This should look like an accordion when allowed to extend.
    d. Repeat for the second sheet
    e. Slightly open one sheet along the length and place the second sheet inside the first so that 3-4 folds are overlapping. After this, the two sheets should be connected well enough that they will not naturally come apart
    f. Wrap the exposed end of the second sheet around to the exposed end of the first sheet and repeat the previous step.
    g. You now have a circular accordion column that should stand on the ground and stay together even with light to moderate force pushing on it (so long as it stays on the ground)
  2. Platform (1 sheet)
    a. With your finger, push a small hole into the middle of the sheet
    b. Carefully tear a larger hole and remove the excess paper. This hole is for the tower, so make sure that it is large enough to fit the tower inside

B. Tower Part Sheets: 6

  1. Roll (little bit loosely along the diagonal) two sheets of newspapers together and knot with piece of newspaper to avoid coming untangled.
  2. Roll 4 sheets of newspapers (individually) as tightly as possible along the diagonal, making a very slim and stiff tube (to make sure it wouldn’t fold) and knot with piece of newspaper to avoid coming untangled.
  3. Attach one of #2. over #1. (insert smoothly #2. into #1. as deeply as possible- to make sure connecting properly)
  4. Attach one of #2. over the half-finished tower
  5. With last two rolled newspaper, do procedure #4 equally- imagine a lance that was used by cavalry)

IV. Assembly

A. Insertion Sheets: 0
         The tower part will now be inserted into the base.

  1. Hold the tower part at multiple points to ensure even support throughout the structure. Having multiple people work together and moving slowly helps.
    (Careful not to leave the top hanging. The tower is thin and can fold in the middle if let swaying.)
  2. Gently lower the tower part into the base through the hole in the middle.
    (Make sure the holes are aligned. Having one person adjust and guide the tower through the holes is advisable.)
  3. Once the tower is lowered all the way, push it down slightly to crumble the bottom of the tower to have more contact area with the floor.

B. Reinforcing Sheets: as many as necessary
        You may notice that the base does not support the tower well. The tower will keep leaning and fall. We now must reinforce the base structure to support the tower better.

  1. Lift the top two layers of the base to expose the bottom most column. (One person should hold the rest of the base up so the other person can work on the bottom layer.)
  2. Take a few sheets of newspaper and crumble them. (Make sure not to make the crumbled piece too solid. You need some “fluff” for the stuffing to fill in the empty space well.)
  3. Stuff the inside of the column with the stuffings while keeping the tower in the center.
  4. Lower the first platform onto the column.
  5. Make a few more stuffing and stuff the gap between the tower and the platform hole.
  6. Repeat for the rest of the columns and platforms.
  7. When finished gently release the tower to see which way it leans.
  8. Add stuffing to the side the tower leans to.
  9. Repeat until the tower stands by itself.

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