Unit Origami Diagram

by dharris63

This assignment began innocently enough. I’m not very skilled with origami, but the structure that Dr. Do showed us seemed simple enough to recreate. I learned the hard way that it can be very difficult to render three-dimensional objects in two-dimensional diagrams. IKEA does a pretty good job, after all.

As if the assignment wasn’t difficult enough to begin with, Dr. Do presented us with an additional challenge: could we show someone how to replicate the origami pattern without using any words. I tried, failed miserably, and then compromised by using as few words as I possibly could. Looking back at the finish product, I observed that some of the words were probably not that important after all. I considered erasing them, but then I thought: why shouldn’t the diagram include words? It is an interesting to challenge to convey a message or instruction without using words. I think it’s interesting, however, to note that in some situations, pictures can be more powerful than words, such as the famous photograph in Tiananmen Square. But words can be even more powerful when the message being conveyed is less tangible. That’s why movies remakes can never capture the thoughts or emotions of a character transmitted so effortlessly in the book.



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