Hand Fashion Show

by dharris63

When we started the recycling fashion show project, I admit that I was puzzled as to how this would relate back to the course topic. Yes, it was creative, but was there more to it than that? In retrospect, I found this reading particularly appropriate: Collaboration in Design Teams: How Social Interaction Shapes the Product by Brereton, M. F et al.

Getting a bunch of creative people to agree on a united vision for a project is difficult. Several group members were hesitant to accept the ideas of others. Some of these group members were less motivated to contribute when the group did not choose to work on their idea. At one point, I was worried that the project would not be completed. However, each and every team member came through to create an interesting final product. Although some parts of the project were finished at the last minute, I think the group had a shared vision and produce and very creative fashion show.

I am still left to wonder about the elusive nature of creativity. If it can come so quickly when we are under a deadline, why can it seem impossible to think of an idea when the deadline is more distant?


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