Adding Technology to Art

by mila4gatech

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the inclusion of technology in art.  It’s nothing new for artists to incorporate technology into their art, but it seems like a higher level of interactivity is now enabled by inexpensive hardware and systems.  Generally speaking, art has the capacity to introduce new ideas and play with emotions.  It has the potential to change the way people see and experience their world. If interactivity can increase the level of engagement with a work of art, then people will transform from observers to participants. This means art has the potential to have a much bigger impact on those participants, intellectually, emotionally, socially…

A simple example, I found this video of people interacting with a laser harp (artist: Jennifer Lewis) at a past Cleveland Ingenuity Fest. The harp works by creating notes when there are obstructions in the light beam. Notice how engaged these folks are (especially the kids).


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