by gregtronel

Use new technologies to bridge social interaction and creativity in a musical context:

“Moori” is an audience participatory audio-visual performance created by Haeyoung Kim. His initial idea was to develop a system in which the audience is given a significant role in the performance by answering to guided questions from the performer. In opposition to the “one man” performance where the artist may wonder whether the audience is engaged or not, he/she finds an answer to that question through the live reactions of the spectators or by their comments and complements once the show is finished. The performance is designed such that users are intrigued to participate by adding their thoughts to the piece and thus contributing to the overall audio-visual output of the creation. Each audience member uses his/her own input device (iphone, ipad, ipod touch), and immediate feedback from the system gives them indications about the direct consequences of their actions. By integrating different modes of social interactions on a smart phone (text messages, dynamic interface), the participants accompany the performer by sharing ideas in the form of a question-answer type interaction. Participants are encouraged to download the Mrmr (pronounced “Murmure”) application prior to the concert. Through text inputs and multi-touch pads, user-data is processed to generate algorithmic audio and visual animations, providing a unique artistic contribution to the piece through the manipulation of the performer’s work.

Moori from haeyoung kim on Vimeo.


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