Darwinian Theory of Beauty by Denis Dutton

by architanasit

Intellectually, philosophically and psychologically, if we think about what the experience of beauty is?? Given a serious thought, one can easily see that its is a very complicated subject, I mean, things we call beautiful differ from person to person, also there is a lot of variety. when we think a about beautiful things, so many things comes into our mind at the same time,like a baby’s face, natural landscapes, an artistic painting , a scene from a movie or book, a song and what not! So, to sum it up, as we all know, beauty is in the eye of beholder. Even a person’s culture has a great impact on his taste for beauty.Also there are universal cross cultural aesthetic pleasures and values, for example, Shakespeare is translated in almost each and every language on the planet. American movies go everywhere. If we analyse this universality further, it is believed that it comes from our social environment during evolution as a human. Beauty can also be seen as evolution’s trick to make the surrounding beautiful to have them exert on you a kind of magnetism to give us pleasure by simply looking at them. Same goes for artistic beauty. Our ancestors were very much aware about artistic cave painting, jewelry designing, body painting, thus with the evolution of human and culture, art has also evolved with them. When homoeractus started shaping thin blades of stones, looking at their symmetry and weight, they pretty much don’t qualify as a tool or weapon, they are beautiful to look at even today. They might be literaly the earliest works of arts. As the art evolved, it contained intelligence, personal desires, rare materials,planning ability, consciousness. Over generations, such things helped human gain reproductive advantage over less capable. One thing that is common in our ancestors and our aesthetic craving is that the beauty we find is in skillful performances. we find beauty in something done well. Like, a beautiful stone jewelry for you might be and indication that your ancestor found the art of making that stone beautiful. So, beauty is not exactly in the eyes of beholder but its in our mind, its a gift handed down from the intelligent skills.The beauty of the night sky, silent ocean will be with us and with our  future generations for as long as we humans exist.


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