Drink up for creativity

by edwardsash

A study done at the University of Illinois shows that men may be more creative after they’ve downed a few cold ones. Forty men participated  in a study where half of the participants were sober and the remaining were intoxicated.  The men were given a list of words, and they were told to state a related word. For instance, if the participant was given the words “buzz,” “geeks,” and “ramblin’,” an appropriate  response would be “Georgia Tech.”

In the study, the problem was reasonably answered by 40% more of the drunk participants than the sober ones. They also answered the questions faster.

So next time you wake up angry because your drunk friend drew some unfortunate image on your forehead, just accept that your friend was just expressing his concealed creative side. Also, never fall asleep first. Ever.

source: http://blogs.ajc.com/news-to-me/2012/04/12/study-beer-makes-men-smarter/


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