Building Blocks that blink,beep and teach

by garimaraina

Imagine a set of electronics as easy to play with as Legos. TED Fellow Ayah Bdeir introduces littleBits, a set of simple, interchangeable blocks that make programming as simple and important a part of creativity as snapping blocks together.
You can call it a “high-tech toy” that engages children to actively participate, that stimulates their creativity, rather than force them to passively sit back, while their creativeness dissolves into the technology. Instead of having to program, to wire, to solder, littleBits allow you to program using very simple intuitive gestures.
LittleBits are electronic modules with each one specific function. They’re pre-engineered to be light, sound, motors and sensors. And the best part about it is they snap together with magnets. So you can’t put them the wrong way. The bricks are color-coded. Green is output, blue is power, pink is input and orange is wire. So all you need to do is snap a blue to a green and very quickly you can start making larger circuits.
This is the link to her talk


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