Online Education – Revolution or not?

by himanshusahni

Within the past few months, a lot of websites have sprung up that offer free, college level education to anyone that is willing to learn. I am talking of course about websites like:

.. etc etc. 

Now these are by no means the first such websites to provide such a service. MIT’s ‘opencourseware’ and Stanford’s ‘see’ among others have been around for a while. But these websites have added value to the online education experience by managing to make the classes for interactive and fun to take. 

But the crucial question is: is the world ready for it? In today’s world, companies hesitate to hire applicants that do not boast degrees from good colleges. This is because society today has developed a state of mind where degrees hold higher value than real practical skills. In such an era, what good are skills learnt without a piece of paper costing thousands of dollars supporting your resume? Can this truly be the spark of innovation and creativity that brought about the much awaited education revolution? Or has technology once again reached far beyond a society filled with inertia? 


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