Exam-time Creativity!

by dhruvir

There seems to be sudden burst of new ideas and ways to maximize time utilization during dead week! With finals round the corner, its important to cover the procrastinated tasks and get your self in order. Visit CULC during these times and you will notice the energy.

From people storming cafes to keep themselves awake to group studies!! Seems like break-out rooms are never empty. Get whatever space you get. What if u feel tired and sleepy?? No point of going home, take a nap there itself!! Dude, you got to study! Comfort is the last thing these people ask for. Its momentarily out of their requirements.

Students can be found with entire war-time supplies to stay there and study all-day and all-night!! My god, they bring lunch-diner, some are found listening songs, some take a break and watch movies, some even get together and play games!! And there are some with bright business idea, Starbucks!! Why not stay open 24hrs and cash in student’s urge to stay awake at any cost!!

Dead week? I bet u cant see more life in college than this week!!!


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