Software that can compose music!

by garimaraina

Well since we have a music session tonight, this article is so apt!!

David Cope is a professor at UC Santa Cruz who had created a software program Emmy ( originally Experiments in Musical Intelligence-EMI). She produced thousands of scores in the style of classical heavyweights, scores so impressive that classical music scholars failed to identify them as computer-created. David Cope faced a lot of criticism because people thought the machine was stealing people’s creativity! He was dubbed “The Tin Man” after the Wizard of Oz character who didn’t have any heart. David Cope discontinued with his project.

Emily Howell,a successor to Emmy was created by David Cope during the 1990s. Emily consists of an interactive interface that allows both musical and language communication. By encouraging and discouraging the program, Cope attempts to “teach” it to compose music more to his liking. The program uses only the output of a previous composing program called Experiments in Musical Intelligence (EMI) as a source database for its musical choices.

Emily Howell’s first album (due out in February 2010) will be available from Centaur Records. Titled From Darkness, Light, this album contains her Opus 1, Opus 2, and Opus 3 compositions for chamber orchestra and multiple pianos.

This is the link to the article


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