An attempt to define creativity!

by manmeetk

Creativity and it’s definition varies for each one of us!Following are some  interesting definitions of creativity according to students of California State University I found :

-Creativity doesn’t have a definition per se. Once you try to define it, it loses it splendor. Creativity is anything that can be created, even if it is structured, logical, etc. Art it art if you think it is.

-Creativity is your personality. It is putting yourself and your own touch into everything that you do. Creativity in uniqueness.

-Creativity means being able to come up with your own clever ideas.

-Creativity is not common among people. It is the ability to do or create something that others find intriguing.

-Creativity is engaging in activity that is not learned from a book. It is doing something that you enjoy and that you are the author of – such as an original song or work of art.

-Creativity is the ability to think freely without placing any limilations or restrictions on oneself.

-Creativity is different every time. It is blood rushing to your brain exciting you to be different.

-Creativity is opening up your mind to new things by experimenting with them.

-Creativity is the chi and soul to one’s will – with no control and no boundaries.

For me, creativity is the freedom to do what I want to do and the way I want to do it ! It is about not putting too much emphasis on what others would like but doing what I love no matter how silly it might be . 🙂

What about you guys??




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