Filtered Creativity

by esseguin

By now, probably everyone has heard about Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram. Whether or not adding filters to an image counts as creativity (I would vote not) aside, this acquisition shows just how much the movers and shakers of technology are pushing and valuing content creation. It’s hard to read a tech blog nowadays without reading an article that is in some way championing products that encourage mass-creation of content. Many companies are trying to do for video what Instagram did for pictures.

One company, Socialcam, went from 1.5M monthly users to 9M in just two days ( So maybe the days aren’t long until our facebook feeds are filled with Sepia videos as well as pictures. As I instinctively recoil from this “creative” media, it makes me think back to the beginning of the semester when we discussed the similarities and differences between creativity and art. I don’t have any answers to that debate, but it’s an interesting thing to think about as we dive deeper into the age of having easy mediums of creativity right at our fingertips.


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