Some 8bit music

by gregtronel

This is one of several experimental tracks I composed by sampling raw 8-bit sound from an old 1989 gameboy. there is a program called Little Sound DJ (flashed on a gameboy cartridge so limited by the gameboy UI capabilities..) which allows you to synthesize and customize waveforms and arrange them on a sequencer at a chosen tempo. I sampled 11 different melodic/rhythmic elements of up to 4 beats length, and exported it to Logic for editing/organizing and mixing. I chose to apply some effects (mainly delays and reverb) to make it less ‘mario’ sounding and maybe more appealing or communicative to some listeners. I highly privileged rhythm to other musical parameters as the bank of samples isn’t large (so the piece is very repetitive!) and the timbres inherently poor. The purpose of adding effects and focusing on rhythm and repeated patterns was to compose a piece that bridges chip music to some ‘higher level’ of modern electronic music (techno/electro/club…). That ‘bridging’ transition is also scaled to the chronological progression of the composition itself as the piece evolves from highly sparse/experimental to highly dense/defined with various moments of rhythmic tension and release, generally from one phase to another.


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