Truth Among The Cats

by esseguin

I was reading the description of a kickstarter project recently that sounds like it came straight out of one of the papers we read at the beginning of the semester that talked about using constraints to bolster creativity:

“This project came about as an experiment in filmmaking using restrictions as a driving force in the creative process.  The idea was to make a micro-budget project on the road using only the means available through the internet.  The actors, crew, and interior locations were all found on Craigslist and Airbnb.  The story had been talked about before but was mostly written in a bar in Berlin over a 3 day period.”


The project itself is pretty ridiculous (but kind of awesome). It’s a documentary following a former lolcat caption writer who traveled to Berlin to try to find the answers to life and the universe. Or, in their words: “This is a story of a man’s hopeless quest for truth among the cats.”




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