Biophilic design and biomimicry

by mila4gatech

a termite mound and the building inspired by it

I used to work in an architectural and engineering office for an international company and I would come across the neatest things.  One of my favorites was the concept of biophilic design.  Sometimes the most inspired design is one inspired by nature.  One architect told me that studies showed that most people prefer natural designs (those made by nature, with imperfections and intricacy, such as the burl in wood) to artificial design (think concrete).  This is one of the most creative and suitable designs I’ve seen yet… a building built to suit its environment by mimicking natural structures in the area, in this case, a termite mound.  Termite mounds naturally cool themselves by using the nature of rising air leaving the top, and pulling cooler air near the ground in from the bottom of the structure.  Working with nature instead of against it can save resources.  This architect is Mick Pearce.


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