Our Inspiration for Kinect the Dots

by adhishbhobe

When we started out with ideas for the CIC event, we weren’t sure of the path we should take nor the category we wanted to compete in.    We fiddled around with ideas relating to social commerce, campus community. They were interesting and challenging, but nothing spectacular that would interest anyone to take it forward to change the world!!

And then we thought: every great product or idea has its roots in the intention of changing peoples lives. My classmate, Sanika was already working on a research project associated with autism in children. Among the numerous workshops/hack-a-thons happening on campus, we happened to attend the Microsoft Kinect workshop. The idea of working on Kinect was appealing, and then it struck us: using Kinect and storytelling and amalgamating the two in therapies for autistic children. What a brilliant idea and we hadn’t even though about using this idea in CIC yet !! But then we came across  this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuP6d42hK8k) that inspired us to take this forward and the rest is history!!


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