Recyclable Fashion and Re-usable Fashion

by nanokiwi

First off, if you’ve never read Inhabitat, you should add it to your RSS feeder and/or sign up for their weekly email.  They’re worth that dreaded weekly email because they showcase various sustainable products.

Secondly, to add to the Recyclable Fashion show, a few months ago, Montreal artists were challenged to transform post-consumer products into exciting couture.  Below are some products that were featured.

one outfits from a new era


recyclable couture

This all being said, AND I’M NOT DETERRING PEOPLE FROM USING RECYCLABLE PRODUCTS BECAUSE RECYCLING IS IMPORTANT, but I feel like people gravitate to using recyclable products for couture when there are alternative methods for couture.  There are other aspects to reduce, reuse, recycle.  In fact, recycle is the last part of that whole phrase.  Instructables has a dress (that I love) called the “infinity dress”.  I think it’s incredibly cool mainly because there are so many different ways to wear it.  It’s the epitome of reuse 🙂  Girls, think about that little black dress that “makes guys go wild”…now think if you had an “infinite” amount of little black dresses :p.  Anyways, here’s one way you can wear it:

infinity dress

Just my two cents.  You can find the infinity dress here.  Enjoy!


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