by nanokiwi

There’s a sketching technique that I think is really beneficial to those who are at a loss for ideas.  It’s something I learned a long time ago when I learned to draw: the scribble method :).  Basically, it consists of scribbling on a page.  You don’t even have to look at the sheet of paper.  You don’t even have to use your dominant hand.  Using marker, scribble a little doodle on a sheet of paper.

Scribble Drawing

Once you have your doodle, start to highlight the lines you really like.  Maybe there’s a strong line in the center of your page. Maybe there are two parallel lines that could become a handle or car’s spoiler.  I don’t know.

Start to add a little bit of detail…does your handle need a grip?  Add a few notches to create a place for your fingers. The possibilities are endless.  These are sketches done for controllers and pencil sharpeners using the scribble method.  (Of course color was added to create a little bit of a better idea of what everything was)


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