The Anatomy of Infographics

by nanokiwi

There was an interesting article I read about the anatomy of useful infographics.  It breaks it down between the visual, the content and the knowledge.  These 3 components are then filtered into the 5 steps you should always take when creating an infographic:

1. Create a skeleton and flowchart

skeletons and flowcharts


2. Creating a color scheme…
Creating color schemes can be really difficult…even when you’ve been doing it a while.  Here’s a HUGE hint, when in doubt, go to Adobe’s Kuler.  Find a color combination you like, download their CMYK specs and go to town 🙂


3. Graphics
Theme graphics are the overall graphics for the piece and Reference graphics are visual cues you use to call things out.

4. Research and data
Self explanatory.  Just make sure your research is legit :p

5.  Knowledge
Make sure what you’re trying to say is completely apparent.  Step back and make sure others can read it properly.

Anyways, good luck 🙂


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