Tony “TEMPT ONE” Quan, EyeWriter, and “Getting Up”

by andrewharbor

I find this a fascinating story of creativity inspiring creativity inspiring creativity. Tony “TEMPT ONE” Quan is an accomplished graffiti artist who was stricken with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) which immobilized his body. He was only able to communicate through eye movements, although his creative faculties were undamaged. Upon seeing his art and hearing his story, producer Mick Ebeling was inspired to raise money and reached out to Graffiti Research Labs to create EyeWriter, a tool to allow individuals with ALS to control a computer using eye movements. Ebeling’s wife Caskey began filming TEMPT ONE’s process of using EyeWriter to continue with his creative expression, which led to the documentary “Getting Up”. Doubtless TEMPT ONE’s art, Caskey’s documentary, and the EyeWriter tool have inspired an enabled further creativity. You can read more about this story here.


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