Invisibility cloak from Harry Potter soon

by alexischat

And if the invisibility cloak from Harry Potter was not quite in the range of science fiction? While many scientific teams compete in the world to try to make objects undetectable, American researchers from Cornell University in New York announced that it has developed a system that will cover an event for a tiny fraction of second, so it leaves no trace in the future. To do this, the team headed by Moti Fridman and financed by the Pentagon has used the properties of the light spectrum, including the speed difference between the various colors that compose it.

According to their findings published in the journal Nature, the laboratory experiment was to create a kind of temporal rift for circulating a discharge laser in a fiber optic cable through which a beam of green light. To create a window of about 50 picoseconds (or 5/100 trillionth of a second), the scientists used a lens radius dividing the green in two original blue and red light beams of slightly different speeds, a gap that they accentuated using another transparent obstacle. Once the laser discharge forty picoseconds introduced a new transparent obstacle can restore the speed of both blue and red beams, and a second lens can be combined to reconstruct the single green flash, as if ultimately nothing s ‘happened … The laser discharge is always present, but there is nothing to guess at their existence.

“Our results represent a significant step towards the realization of a complete spatiotemporal cloak,” said Moti Fridman. However, no excitement, there is only a very brief flash of optical fiber and you will probably not play the invisible man before a long time. Researchers will now endeavor to generate a broader temporal rift that conceals an event of greater magnitude. But, initially, the prowess of the team of Cornell University would especially help secure data transfers by making them travel in installments in optical fibers. A method that would make it almost impossible to intercept them.


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