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May 6, 2012

An electrical aircraft

by alexischat

The solar impulse is an electrical aircraft that use only the power of the sun to flight. It has the wingpan of a A340 and the weiht of a car. The average flying speed is 70 km/h, and just one person can be in the aircraft. The question of energy defines the entire project. At midday, each square metre of land surface, in the form of light energy, receives the equivalent of 1000 watts, or 1.3 horsepower of light power. Over 24 hours, this averages out at just 250W/m². With 200m² of photovoltaic cells and a 12 % total efficiency of the propulsion chain, the plane’s motors achieve an average power of 8 HP or 6kW – roughly the amount of power the Wright brothers had a available to them in 1903 when they made their first powered flight. And it is with that energy, optimized from the solar panel to the propeller, that Solar Impulse achieved to fly day and night without fuel!

The 12 000 or so photovoltaic cells in 145 micron monocrystalline silicon combine lightness and efficiency. Their efficiency could have been even higher, like the panels used in space, but their weight would then have penalized the plane during night flight. This phase being the most critical, the main constraint is the one imposed by the batteries. Still heavy, they require a drastic reduction of the weight of the rest of the plane, so as to optimize the whole energy chain and to maximize the aerodynamic performance provided by a large wing span and a wing profile designed for low speeds.

May 5, 2012

Invisibility cloak from Harry Potter soon

by alexischat

And if the invisibility cloak from Harry Potter was not quite in the range of science fiction? While many scientific teams compete in the world to try to make objects undetectable, American researchers from Cornell University in New York announced that it has developed a system that will cover an event for a tiny fraction of second, so it leaves no trace in the future. To do this, the team headed by Moti Fridman and financed by the Pentagon has used the properties of the light spectrum, including the speed difference between the various colors that compose it.

According to their findings published in the journal Nature, the laboratory experiment was to create a kind of temporal rift for circulating a discharge laser in a fiber optic cable through which a beam of green light. To create a window of about 50 picoseconds (or 5/100 trillionth of a second), the scientists used a lens radius dividing the green in two original blue and red light beams of slightly different speeds, a gap that they accentuated using another transparent obstacle. Once the laser discharge forty picoseconds introduced a new transparent obstacle can restore the speed of both blue and red beams, and a second lens can be combined to reconstruct the single green flash, as if ultimately nothing s ‘happened … The laser discharge is always present, but there is nothing to guess at their existence.

“Our results represent a significant step towards the realization of a complete spatiotemporal cloak,” said Moti Fridman. However, no excitement, there is only a very brief flash of optical fiber and you will probably not play the invisible man before a long time. Researchers will now endeavor to generate a broader temporal rift that conceals an event of greater magnitude. But, initially, the prowess of the team of Cornell University would especially help secure data transfers by making them travel in installments in optical fibers. A method that would make it almost impossible to intercept them.

May 5, 2012

Solar tree

by alexischat

A big challenge for the coming years is the production of energy. In accordance with environmental problems, the use of solar cells is spreading. Most of times, these pannels are hidden on the roofs of buildings. However, 5 years ago, a new device appeared, call the solar tree. Designed by Ross Lovegrove from the Museum for Angewandte Kunst (MAK) in Vienna, this tree is used in street asa streetlight. It is a symbiosis between pioneering design and cutting-edge eco-compatible technology.

Solar Tree draws inspiration from the organic forms of nature, reinterpreting the morphology of the tree and introducing the sensuality of the natural world into the urban context. In the words of Ross Lovegrove, “This is a project that celebrates design, nature and art and represents the DNA of our time”.

May 5, 2012

Books are alive

by alexischat

The stop-motion is a type of video using mostly immobile pictures. It is an animation technique to make a physically manipulated object appear to move on its own.

The object is moved in small increments between individually photographed frames, creating the illusion of movement when the series of frames is played as a continuous sequence.

This kind of video takes lot of time to be created. Here, the stop-motion is used to breath live into books.

May 4, 2012

A robot that flies like a bird

by alexischat

The world of robots has lots of shapes. The more impressive is probably the human-like robots, because it is easy for us to compare them to a real human: we just need to watch our body. For animal-like robots, it is really different. However, one of the oldest dreams of the mankind is to fly. That is possible since the invention of Wright brothers, but aircrafts are not comparable to birds. Marcus Fischer and his team created a robot that flies like a bird and presented it at the TEDglobal conference in 2011.

May 2, 2012


by alexischat

We are not the only ones to create eco-fashion dresses and accessories. It is possible to earn money with such creations. For example, two years ago, I was in Poland and I found this neckless in a store.

Anything can be used, but I had not imagine this end of life for a cap.

If you want to the dresses made with trash, you can go to the airport, there is an exhibition of a designer.


April 29, 2012

Souvenir of the beginning

by alexischat

I was cleanning my room and a just found it.

February 15, 2012

Garbage fashion show

by alexischat

We are not the only ones. I am not writing about extraterrestrial but about designers. “Trash clothes” have their fashion show since 1983. There is also a festival in Santa Fe for recycled objects. However, nothing is better than our princess, knights or hands.
At the beginnig, the recycling was used for old tools in metal. This metal was melt and forged again.
The idea of reused garbage is not really new but the esthetical aspect is. For example, in the paper “Design and the Play Instinct”, we have seen a sculpture of Picasso who used a bicycle seat and handles bar. Today, around the world, lots of people use garbage in this way.
I have to go. My trash can is full, I should see if something is still useful.