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January 25, 2012

A.I. as a contribution to musical creativity?

by gregtronel

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“It is amazing to see Shimon improvise and interact with human musicians. Imagine a pianist playing a musical phrase followed by the robot, who builds on this input with a new improvised sequence. A fellow guitar player can then enhance Shimon’s ideas, leading to new responses that could inspire the humans to play in ways they have never played before. The result is not only novel and expressive human-robotic interaction, but also great new music”. (

In a nutshell, in the context of AI being involved in the creative process, the machine itself may not be the mean by which artistic creation is built, but rather the combination, the coordination of actions and perceptions from both the machine and the artist. Such collaboration may give rise to a musical experience that is not accessible by human-to-human type interaction and inspires players to communicate in novel expressive manners, which naturally leads to novel musical outcomes.