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February 27, 2012

Midterm project Pecha Kucha

by Ellen Yi-Luen Do

Midterm Project Ideas

  • Each person should work on their project proposals – to figure out whether you are writing a paper about something (what? a literature survey about child creativity and measurements, about personality and design collaborations, about design thinking, or about where people find inspirations, etc. etc.), conducting some sort of empirical studies (protocol analysis of design activities or meetings? interviews with practitioners? designing creativity support tools? using cultural probe to investigate daily life? etc etc), or inventing tangible artifact (software, hardware, website, toys, community portals, playground, etc. etc.) by any means.
  • Be prepared to have a story to tell in 3/14’s Pecha Kucha session – to tell people what your research topics for this class will be, and how you plan to do it, are there precedents or related work? and what might we expect to see at the end of the semester.
  • Yes, you can decide to do it either as individual project or a joint team project (no more than 3 persons per team please.)
February 27, 2012

Fixation and Creativity

by Ellen Yi-Luen Do

Reading: (for 2/22)

  • Chapter 7, Insight, Fixation, and Incubation in (eds) Ronald A. Finke , Thomas B. Ward and Steven M. Smith. MIT Press – find online reader here Creative Cognition

& choose one of the below to read —

  • H. Koning & J. Eizenburg: “The Language of the Prairie: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie Houses,” Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 8 (1981) pdf you can do page setup to print larger images
  • Stokols, D., C. Clitheroe, and M. Zmuidzinas (2002) Qualities of Work Environments That Promote Perceived Support for Creativity, in Creativity Research Journal 2002, Vol. 14, No. 2, Pages 137-147 media:work.pdf –
February 15, 2012

Garbage fashion show

by alexischat

We are not the only ones. I am not writing about extraterrestrial but about designers. “Trash clothes” have their fashion show since 1983. There is also a festival in Santa Fe for recycled objects. However, nothing is better than our princess, knights or hands.
At the beginnig, the recycling was used for old tools in metal. This metal was melt and forged again.
The idea of reused garbage is not really new but the esthetical aspect is. For example, in the paper “Design and the Play Instinct”, we have seen a sculpture of Picasso who used a bicycle seat and handles bar. Today, around the world, lots of people use garbage in this way.
I have to go. My trash can is full, I should see if something is still useful.