Reason for Final Project

by licalvin

The inspiration for my final project revolves around the issue of deriving context from a reading passage. If there is a word or terminology I am not familiar with, I will have to open up a new window and search for it. Then I have to go back to the sentence and see the context of the word and compare and contrast as I flip back and forth between the dictionary screen (because who uses a paper dictionary these days?) in order to get the context of one sentence.

What I found to be more useful instead is to extend the way information is presented in the context of a sentence. Sentences are linear in nature, but can be extended in a 2-dimensional manner. By expanding the text, one can actually augment the available information of a sentence instead of replacing it. What I had imagined was that when a  word or a phrase is being questioned, the definition will be revealed just below it so that the meaning can be quickly derived.

That’s why I felt it pertinent for my project to build on those principles and create such a functionality. Click a word and it searches for you, expanding the space below it without removing a word in order to help the user understand the meaning of the word. This immediate feedback helps users understand what they’re reading in a meaningful manner.

This can be extended to translations; foreign language documents can easily have portions or specific words translated as to provide the non-native speaker a more positive language experience.

Hopefully, whenever I find the time, I can expand this product and make it available for everyone through a browser extension. My dream is to turn on/off the translator and the too will quickly allow you to click on portions of text for greater clarity and understanding.


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